General features
Offer a simple two-step booking process system.
Set up dynamic pricing.     
Handle multiple currencies and rates. 
Interface your PMS (including CMS Hospitality, RoomMaster, MotelMate and more!) with your booking engine.     
Create a comprehensive Central Reservation System.     
Fully integrated with DPS, New Zealand’s preeminent online payment company.     
Capture referral information.     
Offer multiple packages or deals on a single room or activity.   
Streamline your events and functions - allocate a certain amount of rooms for an event, issue promo codes with special rates and extras attached.    
Add extras like bedding configuration, cooked breakfast or a chilled bottle of champagne in a guest's room on arrival.    
Offer your activities to your customers, set times, seasonal rates, and offer packages and extras.    
Interface your évoSuite Booking Engine on Facebook and mobile phones.     
Log-in available for Travel Agents to book at their own rate.
Use the comprehensive évoSuite ebooking reports to view your marketing, sales and online bookings.    
Advanced functionality
View, sort and analyse your sales data using the powerful and flexible grid and gain deeper insights for more efficient reservation management.
See at a glance how well your different hotels are performing, even across multiple countries, to ensure the smooth management of multiple properties.
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